Luxury Furnishing

University Gate offers luxury units, each unit is a fully furnished unit. The bedrooms are furnished with a single bed plus mattress, double storage built-in cupboard, desk and chair, bookshelves and bin.

The students living in the unit will have their own fully functional kitchen equipped with lockers, a four plate hob, a microwave and a fridge, as well as a table and chairs for eating and enjoying meals. Each unit will also have their own ablutions – shower, toilet and basin. The University Gate set-up allows for the perfect balance between privacy and convenient living.

The luxury furnishing unit is perfect for:  

•    For person with more discerning taste.
•    Single or 2 people sharing

The unit includes: 

•    En-suite bathroom with shower
•    Personal kitchenette
•    Comfortable study area
•    Balcony

The Rental rates for the luxury furnishing unit are as follows: